Acer Repair and Technical Service

Founded in 1976, Acers is a Taiwanese company recognized worldwide for its electronics products. The company was established by Mr. Stan Shih, managing to position himself very quickly in the digital sector. The company’s biggest commercial strength lies in the production and sale of computers.

However, the corporate offer of Hace has been renewed over time. Currently it also offers smartphones, tablets, video beams, servers, wifi equipment, among others. For the year of 2011, the company had a payroll that exceeded 39,000 people.

His annual income is estimated at 24 billion US dollars. The company has a net profit of 944 million US dollars annually. Its official headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Interesting data about its history indicates that the company was originally called Multitech, but it came to obtain its current name from 1981. By the 1990s, the company had a strong impact on the Latin American market. , being a great rival of the Compaq company.

The company Do is also an official sponsor of the Ferrari Formula 1 Team and other sports teams. For 2007, the company decided to acquire Gateway, Inc, which is a United States computer manufacturer. In this way Acer began to compete at the same level of companies like Lenovo.

The efficiency of Acer products

When it comes to talking about the performance of Acer brand products, there really is a lot to be said. First, as a manufacturer of computer technology, the company invests billions of dollars in research, design and development. This is one of the key pillars of the company.

For this reason, the quality of Acer brand electronic products is notable through the high speed that their teams offer in content loading and software execution. This is largely due to the integration of the processors and RAM of computers, without neglecting a motherboard that operates with an optimal graphics card.

All this remarkable optimization on your computers, is also masterfully projected on your tablets and smarpthone. The innovation that Acer makes in this regard in terms of mobile devices has to do more than anything else with the efficiency of the touch screen and the performance of the camera.

This technological essence is always maintained in all products of the Acer family. The company works constantly in the production of increasingly sophisticated and fast computers, without neglecting natural technologies such as Wi-Fi, USB ports, LAN port and webcam, among others.

From the Acer company you can always expect high-performance equipment, with screens equipped with excellent pixelation, which is one of its biggest attractions.

Repair of Acer brand products

When talking about maintenance, technical service and repair of Acer brand products, it is very important to leave this responsibility in professional hands. The optimization of the computers of this brand and all its electronic products, requires expert management.

If you have products of this brand and consider that they need maintenance, you can trust our professional talent to have them properly repaired. In a matter of hardware, it is necessary to study a background what are the possible damages, which usually present in the processor, the motherboard or the RAM.

Being able to identify these problems requires careful study. This is the only way to undertake the work of completely disassembling the equipment, modifying the arrangement and then installing the product again. It is a methodology that usually applies also applies to smartphones and tablets.

In other occasions, the damages that this type of equipment can suffer are related to the same operating system. In such cases, our focus is to work on a good optimization, allowing viruses and technical problems related to the computer software to be corrected on time.

If you need technical support for your Aacer brand equipment, do not hesitate to contact us to receive professional attention, which allows your technologies to maintain their great performance, make your daily life more flexible and maintain an excellent useful life.

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