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Amana is an electrical appliance company founded in 1947. Its initial focus as a company was the development of refrigeration systems. Precisely for the same reason, for the year 1950 the company was sold and obtained the name of Amana Refrigeration.

Starting in 1954, the company began to manufacture other refrigeration systems, such as its first air conditioning. Almost a decade later, the Raytheon company, which had been working on the invention of microwave ovens, decided to acquire Amana.

The commercial management carried out by Raytheon the company managed to have a higher position. Meanwhile, Amana’s research and development team continued to work quite hard to establish smaller-scale microwave ovens for home use.

From then on, the company started working on the creation of other electronic products such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, among others. Decades later, in the year of 1997, Amana was acquired by the Goodman Global company.

Today it is known that the products developed by Amana are created through the Whirpool manufacturer. But the corporate name of the company is maintained because it is one of the most respected quality and appliance references in the world.

The efficiency of Amana products

The electronics products developed by Amana are marketed in most countries of the world. With Whirlpool’s corporate backing, the products offered on the market are highly favored, in part derived from the company’s warranty.

It must be understood that the quality of the products, from washing machines to air conditioners, through microwave ovens to dryers, among others, has been designed to make life in homes more flexible. And to accomplish that, the home appliance motors have a great optimization.

It is a type of optimization developed to avoid excessive consumption of electricity, at the same time that the noise level generated is quite low. The goal of the research team is based on the fact that the engine performance is intense, but ensuring that its performance does not affect the calm climate of the home.

For products such as stoves, water heaters, and dryers, the approach is highly committed to preventing these appliances from overheating. In this sense, there is an entire thermal monitoring system that prevents equipment from breaking down due to the heat generated by these technologies.

Currently, most of Amana’s technology products are supported by LED readers. Thanks to this, the user can easily regulate the performance of a microwave oven, the activity of a refrigerator or the intensity level exerted by a dishwasher, among others.

Repair of Amana brand products

When it comes to talking about Amana brand product repair, you have to understand first of all that each team represents a universe. Despite the focus on creating high performance motors, low power consumption and less noise, each product has to be understood separately.

So it is not the same to carry out the maintenance and technical support of the engine system of a refrigerator, whose performance is backed by a gas system, than to focus on optimizing the performance of an engine. In both cases, it is necessary to study the strategy for the proper arrangement of the respective appliance.

Regarding air conditioners, apart from analyzing that the gas system itself is offering consistent climates to its potential, it analyzes itself the LED monitoring screens that are usually managed through wireless controls or controls. In addition, the cleaning service of the dirt filters and the air intake system is also offered.

In the case of washing machines, it is very common to work on the arrangement of the adequate movement of the washing space, as well as on the noise level that this equipment plays. Microwave ovens analyze the electrical system that generates heat, as well as lighting bulbs.

All of these are some of the activities that are taken into account when repairing Amana brand products. Thus, it is guaranteed that these will have an excellent useful life.


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