Casio Repair and Service

Casio is a Japanese corporate giant that was born in 1946. Currently, the company is located in the city of Tokyo. The company, which was founded by Tadao Kashio, has been dedicated to the production of calculators as well as watches, among other electronics products such as PDAs, digital cameras, and audio systems.

The history of the company began as a repair business for airplane ticket machines, as well as other machines in the airport sector. This business model was successful enough to provide it with great economic stability.

The life of Tadao Kashio, who studied at what is today called Waseda University, changed forever when he had to perform the repair of a calculator. It was a calculator that was used by the military in the airport offices. It was a large machine, structured based on the first computer of the time.

Tadao Kashio managed to repair the equipment and some time later the military continued to insist that they needed more equipment of the same quality. This is how the company took that great leap into the production of equipment such as calculators and other electronic equipment.

The efficiency of Casio products

Behind all the success of the Casio company in the electronics products sector, there is a lot of strong research and development work. The reason why Tadao Kashio managed to prosper in his sector is due to the strong commitment that the company led in terms of innovation.
The company has high quality products, optimized to perform very precise operations, based on unique algorithms. The calculators developed by the company are quite commercialized, despite the current era in which smartphones dominate the world.

They are high-quality calculators, with a very well-developed type of hardware so that the equipment is small in size and with a very well-structured calculation potential based on mathematical algorithms. Thus, having a Casio brand calculator is having a high-performance equipment.

That same optimization and capacity of calculators comes to be reflected with the same intensity in products such as cameras, PDAs and watches. Watches are in fact the products with the highest demand on the market, due to their precision level and long-term performance.

The family of Casio brand products represent, then, high-end equipment, developed by a technology company focused on creating calculation and precision products.

If you have Casio brand products, be they calculators, cameras, PDAs or watches, you can count on our professional support to solve the problems they are facing.

Casio brand product repair

In terms of repair, technical service and maintenance of Casio brand products, the work to be done requires the management of professional hands. It should be borne in mind that this type of technological product is not very prone to damage, due to the company’s great commitment to research and development.

It is rare for a high-end Casio watch or calculator to be damaged in need of repair. But like any electronics product, it is not without its problems. So when that happens, you need to study very carefully what is the cause and what is the prudent solution.

Without serious study, damage can be generated that ends up affecting the entire component. Generally, the problems faced by the product have to do with the connectivity of its hardware parts. The circuits, the battery power and the screen where the data is presented, are usually damaged by knocks or falls.

In this sense, our work as a company focused on the maintenance, repair and service of electronic products, we have to do a whole job where it is verified if these were the causes of the problem. Secondly, it is analyzed if the problem had to do with failures derived from the work carried out by the algorithms in the software layer.

For this, we have high-end equipment, capable of thoroughly analyzing if there is any weakness in the system. If the damage to the system chip is irreversible, the smartest option is to replace this component. It is an investment that is worth assuming, because it avoids buying the entire product.


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