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To understand the history of the Centrales company, it is necessary to first recognize what Mabe represents, since in essence, Mabe took charge of giving life to this brand, back in 1995. As a company that markets products from white line, the creation of Centrals, focused on presenting itself as a slightly cheaper option of household appliances in the Colombian market.

So to understand what this transformation of the brand represents and its entry into the market, it is necessary to understand that Mabe was born in the year 1946. Initially the company took over the production of furniture and cabinets to be implemented in kitchens. Some time later, he decided to create his own electrical appliances and market them in Mexico.

Thanks to its great impact, the company was associated in 1987 with the General Electric company. This represented an alliance that strongly stimulated the development of technologies and thus the products were of sufficient quality to enter the United States market.

Eight years after this alliance, with a very well-positioned position in various countries, Mabe decided to create the Centrales brand. An alternative that later would also obtain a great position, thanks to its research and development department.

The efficiency of Central products

Centrales offers a very sophisticated quality in relation to its products. Within its white line, there are equipment ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and microwave ovens, among others. In this sense, its corporate offer is quite wide.

Each of the products that Centrales markets is characterized by having great efficiency. They are electronic technology products developed to offer an intelligent and fast service. The management panels of its teams make the operation of its functionalities highly flexible.

Thanks to its research and development line, the company is constantly innovated in terms of the performance of its equipment. Engines and your mechanical contribution is one of the fronts with the greatest optimization. Thus, they guarantee that the equipment does not generate too high a noise level.

Buying Central brand products means having a household appliance designed to complete tasks in the shortest possible time, which contributes significantly to the lives of families. The efficiency of its technologies generates great satisfaction and the comfort of receiving a high quality service.

Centrales’ modern technology has focused on synthesis, on creating products that facilitate everyday tasks at home.

Repair of Central brand products

When talking about repair and technical service of the products developed by Centrales, it is necessary to consider the level of sophistication that they possess first. Making a product fix requires a very deep study, so that the modifications do not impact the appearance of more complex problems.

The process of arranging these electronic equipment generally requires the total dismantling of the product. You have to recognize the whole of the engine and its relationship with all the components that take care of starting the housework. One of the most frequent problems has to do with the noise generated by the appliance.

This is a problem that is often reflected both in refrigerators and washing machines, as well as in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Thorough analysis of the nature of the motor is required to identify what mechanical failure needs to be restored. It is a job that then requires dismantling for later installation.

In the case of refrigerators and air conditioners, the most common problem has to do with the cooling system and its relation to the cycle that the gas performs to cool the air. In this type of technical problem, it must be corrected that the level of the pressurized gas is being adequately released.

Other common problems of the equipment of the Central company, has to do with the lack of energy supply to the entire product and the panels that manage the work for which the appliance was optimized. It is a job that requires professional and experienced talents like those who work in our company.


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