Challenger Repair and Technical Service

The Colombian company Challenger was born in the year 1966. At that time, it had the name of Inelso Ltda. The company was led by the Mayorga Avellaneda family, being precisely Mr. Luis Mayorga who was in charge of assuming its administration and being its main representative .

The company was then engaged in the production and marketing of basic household items. The prices of his products were quite affordable, which allowed him to quickly position himself locally.

A few years after its foundation, the company moved to start working on the production of black and white televisions. And then, after having the support and license of the NEC Nipón Electric company in Japan, its commercial horizon intensified its activity in the sector.

Later, the company had coverage from the Unilehm company. This coverage represented an aid that allowed the company to build a new design and high-tech plant that favored the production of new items. At that time the company made a leap in terms of the quality of its products, developing articles in metalworking and wood.

Today, the Challenger company has a large stock of products. It not only sells televisions, but also refrigerators, stoves, kitchen hoods, washing machines, dishwashers and heaters, among others. At the moment, it is one of the most renowned companies in Latin America, having a great impact globally.

The efficiency of Challenger products

The Challenger company has a research, design and development area that constantly works on innovative and high-quality products. Over the years, the company has strived to create high-performance products to make life easier for families and individuals.

Only high-quality products can be expected from this company. The main pillar that supports the company is the work it does in the development of high-performance engines, whose effectiveness is reflected in power, but in turn with a quality where the noise level is minimal.

This is something that is quite remarkable in products like washing machines, dishwashers, and fridges. They are products that also have an excellent digital presentation, with panels for managing the activity of the appliance that allows you to quickly choose what is expected from the work of the appliance.

Regarding the televisions produced by this brand, the company is focused on ensuring that the screens and their image quality have a masterful beauty. In this sense, the company has a research team that thoroughly analyzes how to work with the pixel system of the screens.

It is in the televisions of this brand where the commitment that Challenger has when it comes to creating quality products can best be seen. Since in the generation of smart televisions, its commercial proposal has been able to adapt all the performance with current technologies.

Repair of Challenger brand products

When it comes to repair and maintenance of Challenger brand products, it must be borne in mind that only professional hands can take on this task. The technical service that must be provided to a team of this company requires great attention, careful study and making the right decisions in the settlement process.

For example, in the case of products such as washing machines and dishwashers, it is important to perceive what the performance of the motor is and why it has faults that are notable through the noise they generate. Maintenance of this equipment is also usually carried out in the face of the waste that accumulates in its work system.

In addition, it is very common that errors appear in the display of the LED management in the presentation of your ads or in the non-activation of the functionalities represented by each button associated with a specific job. It takes intelligence, experience and intuition to act properly with these technologies.

Being able to identify these problems and solve them from the technical service means disassembling the appliance, analyzing the situation of the problem, solving it and then making the repair. So if you have Challenger brand electronic products that need repair, maintenance and technical service, do not hesitate to contract with our professional service.

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