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Daewoo is a brand of home appliances and electronics products that was born in South Korea. Its history dates back to 1971, when it began to be part of the Daewoo Automotive business model. The word Daewoo refers to the Great (Dae) Universe (Woo). This company was acquired in the year of 2018 by the Dayou Group.

Its corporate motto is “Design of Excellence”. Today, the Korean company is engaged in the production of electronics and home appliance products. Vehicle production was discarded around 1999 when it had to declare bankruptcy, due to the Asian economic crisis.

Despite this, regarding the production of electronic equipment, the company has a strong position. Currently, it has 64 production sites worldwide and has a presence in 40 countries. The essence of the company is structured based on Research and Development (R&D).

Among its historical data, it should be noted that in 2010 the company tried to be bought by the company Entekhab Industrial Group, which offered a figure of $ 519.3 million. But despite the efforts of this group, three years later Daewoo was acquired by Dongbu Group.

The efficiency of Daewoo products

Daewoo’s company, in the production of electronic equipment and household appliances, has a high impact in the sector. This, due to all the effort that the company makes in terms of research and development. Therefore, its products are highly efficient and have a long shelf life.

The company has a range of products ranging from refrigerators and washing machines, to microwave ovens, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. They are products developed with great care, based on professional talents who know the electronics scene in depth.

Air conditioners and washing machines offer a job that is characterized by being discreet, due to the optimization of its motor that produces a very low noise level. The motors of these technologies are very sophisticated, avoiding excessive consumption of electrical energy.

In addition to their great performance, Daewoo electronics and appliances products are characterized by a very elegant style. Thus, its design is quite attractive to redefine spaces such as kitchens and living rooms, among others.

Having Daewoo brand products at home will allow you to have equipment that will make your daily life more flexible, while having full confidence in its useful life.

Daewoo brand product repair

In terms of repair and technical service of Daewoo electronic products, our mission is backed by the talent and experience of professionals. It is not easy to carry out a process of disassembly, study, repair and installation of equipment of this brand, due to its great optimization.

It is necessary to know in depth how these technologies operate, due to the entire Research and Development process with which the company enhances its products. If you decide to do the repair work on a washing machine, the most common problems of this equipment have to do with its noise level, poor washing performance and excessive dust.

In those cases, it is necessary to disassemble everything that is the motor to analyze why the system is unbalanced, forcing the rotating process of the interior to hit the walls of the washing machine. Something similar occurs with the rotary process of microwave ovens, when they have faults that prevent the food from heating completely.

Meanwhile, when it comes to repairing equipment like air conditioners and refrigerators, the repair process is all about optimizing gas performance through the engine. Gas performance is one of the most common problems, as is water leakage.

Thanks to our professional work, we take care of optimizing Daewoo brand electronics and household appliances products so that they continue offering their service as if they had just left the factory. With our help, your products can have a much longer useful life and a more efficient service.


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