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Dell is currently a renowned multinational in computer marketing. The company was established in 1983 by Mr. Michael Dell. The goal that this man set was to create computers for them to be purchased by households.

During the 80s to 90s, the company managed to position itself exponentially, becoming one of the largest technology companies in the United States. Currently, the company not only provides coverage in terms of computers, but also offers other services such as the sale of servers, network switches and peripheral systems, among others.

For the year 2008, the company ranked second in the ranking of companies with the highest commercialization of computers. By then, the company already had 95,000 employees worldwide. Eight years later, the company would run a business worth more than $ 80 billion in annual revenue.

In addition, the company already had more than 20,000 patents on the market, which gave its products better performance and efficiency in relation to operating systems. In that year 2016, the number of employees by the Dell company reached the figure of 140,000 employees.

At the moment, this company is a strong competitor in the market of other brands such as Apple, HP and Lenovo.

The efficiency of Dell products

Throughout its more than 35 years of management, research, development and innovation, the Dell company has been in charge of creating unique computers with highly advanced efficiency. Behind a Dell computer model, there are years of research and work where the efficiency that each component will offer is thoroughly evaluated.

In this sense, the company is very careful when choosing its processors, as well as its Wi-Fi systems, the quality of the screens, its USB connection ports, RAM memories and video cards, among other components. essential in all computer equipment.

Thanks to this careful choice and careful experimentation, the company has managed to assemble models that are highly sought after in the market. In addition, the cost of their computers has always been characterized by being very affordable for users. Much of the company’s success, in that sense, is due to the rates that the company manages.

The company has managed to establish branches around the world, allowing production and exports to lower their costs, thus benefiting the customer. But the maximum benefit will always be latent in the performance of the teams, where the company constantly innovates to create tools that truly make the user’s life more flexible.

To all this, it must be added that the company is flexible in terms of the operating systems with which its equipment can operate. In general, the company works with the Windows system. But the advanced user can choose the Linux installation as the operating system for their computer.

Repair of Dell branded products

In terms of technical support and maintenance, Dell computers require very personalized attention. Each computer model is a universe to which one must know how to approach, to understand the way the motherboard behaves in relation to the processor, RAM and connection ports, among others.

But it is not an easy repair to do, as Dell systems always have something new to offer. Each model is different and you need to know the relationship of its entire design so as not to affect the components that are integrated into the motherboard.

Dell brand products are characterized by having a great solidity. In fact, one of the aspects in which the company works is in resistance. Computers, whether laptops or desktops, are undergoing crash tests to verify that their components are not easily damaged.

In this sense, the Dell brand will always offer highly resistant products. Therefore, when a failure occurs in an equipment of this brand, it is because something very unusual has happened. And that is why, the treatment of these problems requires professional hands.

If you need support regarding technical support, repair, dismantling and installation of your Dell branded equipment, then you can count on our support. We are professionals in the repair of these products, both in the software and hardware environment. I count on our support so that your Dell brand equipment continues to maintain its efficiency and useful life.


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