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Electrolux is a company that was born in the year 1919. This company, which is currently a multinational, is of Swedish origin. Its corporate offer was structured from the beginning in the commercialization of household appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

The company is estimated to sell around 55 million products annually. For this reason, it is considered the second largest appliance manufacturer on the planet, after Whirlpool. The company was initially called Elektromekaniska AB, but later, for commercial reasons, it switched to Electrolux.

Throughout its 100-year history, the company has stood out for having a strong commitment to research and innovation. Thus, it continues to create new and original products, with the best possible optimization to make the lifestyle of its clients more flexible.

Precisely its success in the household appliances market and its rapid positioning around the world, is due to the high efficiency of its equipment and its fairly large stock. His commitment to optimization has allowed him to be a benchmark for quality.

Today, the company has a presence in 160 countries and represents a company that has SEK billions per year. In 2011 alone, revenues of up to SEK 101.598 million were reported.

The official headquarters of this company is located in the city of Stockholm in Sweden.

Repair of technologies

The current appliance and technology repair market is in high demand in Miami. It is clear that the citizen of Miami understands the magnitude of what it is to save and respect his wealth. For this reason, every time one of your products receives damage, you go to the technical service.

In addition, to avoid higher expenses, it also gives experts the maintenance mission, thus allowing its technological resources to be efficient and have a longer useful life. The Miami man even trusts the talent of the technical service for the installation of household products.

Currently, the Whirlpool brand is considered a benchmark for quality in terms of technologies and appliances. Its products have a high guarantee. But even so, it is normal that failures occur in

As a company that markets electrical appliances and household products, the Electrolux company is in charge of developing highly optimized motors that represent a long service life. The refrigerators represent one of the most commercialized products and that have an excellent performance.

There is talk of refrigerators with a large space, which have a type of temperature that adapts to the food you want to preserve. They are smart devices that are compatible with mobile devices and that provide optimal service thanks to the cooling gas they have.

Very hand in hand with the good service offered by the Electrolux refrigerators, it is necessary to highlight the performance proposed by the equipment such as air conditioners. They are systems that have excellent cold regulation and that can be operated through remote controls.

The line of products that Electrolux offers also extends to microwave ovens, stoves and washing machines. In the case of washing machines, its main feature is to offer a service with a fairly low noise level. On the other hand, it provides an intense service in cleaning garments.

In this way, the equipment that Electrolux sells is a reflection of serious research work committed to creating the best technologies. They are products that have a long useful life and admirable performance, capable of facilitating the lifestyle of individuals and families.

Repair of Electrolux brand products

Electrolux equipment stands out because it very rarely needs maintenance and troubleshooting. However, when this occurs, professional hands are required to perform intelligent technical service that extends the life of the product and continues to deliver reliable performance.

For products such as refrigerators, the optimization focuses on the behavior of the cooling gas. Sometimes there are damages in relation to lighting, although it is something that does not happen very often. Issues like water seepage can also be a reason for maintenance.

As regards air conditioners, it often happens that in addition to the problem of cooling caused by gas, it is necessary to maintain the air filters and analyze the relationship between the activity of the command and the generation of the appropriate climate.

Already in relation to other products such as washing machines and microwave ovens, the engine is repaired so that it continues to offer performance that fulfills the task it must perform. Occasionally it may happen that microwave washers and ovens make too much noise when they are working.

Thanks to our Electrolux equipment maintenance, repair and installation service, you can trust that the performance of these products will always be successful.


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