Fisher & Paykel Repair and Technical Service

The Fisher & Paykel company was born in the year 1934. The household electrical appliance manufacturing company is considered one of the most important in the Chinese market. Currently, its headquarters is located in East Tamaki, in the country of New Zealand.

Initially, the company focused on importing refrigerators for homes. But later, he insisted on producing his own technologies. Today it is known that the company has more than 420 patents. Most of these patents have been optimized according to new environmental commitment and recycling policies.

Some of the patents that are integrated into its products are known by the names of Smart Active, Smart Drive and SmartLoad. All these patents contribute to the product is that it is much more effective and strengthened to provide a more technological service, according to current innovation.

Fisher & Paykeles is currently a company that has a presence in 50 countries around the world. Some of its official factories are located in Italy, Mexico and Thailand. Therefore, it has a very stable work network to favor its market.

For the year 2012, the company Haier, which represents a manufacturer of household electronics products, decided to acquire about 90% of the shares that Fisher & Paykel represents in the market. With this support, the company catapulted its activity in the sector.

Fisher & Paykel markets products such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and stoves.

The efficiency of Fisher & Paykel products

Behind each of the electrical appliances that Fisher & Paykex sells, there is a lot of research, design and development work. The company has demonstrated this through its large number of patents, which have enhanced the performance of its equipment.

The efficiency of Fisher & Paykel products is mainly found in the activity carried out by the motors of products such as refrigerators and washing machines. They are motors that operate with a very low noise level, but whose power is reflected in the result of a well-washed garment, or in the fresh preservation of food.

The same occurs with technologies such as dishwashers, where the activity carried out by the water comes into play and alternatives such as the steam system to carry out work that guarantees the hygiene of household dishes. In other household appliances such as ovens, the company has made an excellent optimization so that the temperatures of these equipment are stable.

Behind a home oven there is a whole development process, capable of guaranteeing that when it is used, the end result of a gastronomic recipe or a cake is perfect, regardless of errors due to ups and downs in the thermal system.

All of the above demonstrates all the efforts the company has to create unique products, where performance is reflected in the way it makes the life of households more flexible.

The repair of Fisher & Paykel brand products

There is no doubt that Fisher & Paykel appliances have all the virtues to offer high quality work and performance. They are high-tech products that are very rarely damaged, although this cannot be guaranteed from time to time.

Therefore, this product line generally requires more maintenance and installation service than repair optimization for damage sustained. Fisher & Paykel’s electronic products and gas stoves are therefore of highly efficient quality.

But when there are damages that really require a repair, it is right there where our service has to study in depth the nature of the problem. You have to understand very well that it unleashed a problem in the equipment, taking into account all the good performance it usually provides.

What almost always happens is that households make use of habits that affect the equipment. These habits are those that lead to damage to the appliance and the necessary repair. To avoid this, there is nothing more opportune than having the maintenance service that we offer in our company.


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