Kitchenaid Repair and Technical Service

KitchenAid is an appliance brand in the United States. As a company, it is part of the Whirlpool Corporation. For the year 2019, the company celebrated its one hundred year history. Its foundation in 1919 was carried out by The Hobart Manufacturing Company.

At that time, the company marketed the H-5 stand mixer model. Its commercial proposal innovated and offered a unique product on the market. Until then, the blenders that were known operated manually and without electric current.

The idea of the first stand mixer was established by Mr. Herbert Johnston, who then works for the Horbart Corporation. Although it was a brilliant idea in the market, the start of the company was very competitive.

Later, the company was developing new products on the market, as was its first dishwasher. Thirty years after its founding, the company had a good variety of items to help in the customers’ kitchen.

The same brand name, Kitchenaid translates “Kitchen Assistant”. For many years, the company worked independently, acquiring other companies and talents to its business model. In 1986 Whirlpool Corporation decided to include it within its business group.

Today KitchenAid presents itself as a strong brand in the international market. The company has offices in different countries of the planet and has a commercial strategy that allows it to create new appliances, while progressing with its sales.

The efficiency of KitchenAid products

The KitchenAid company is focused on creating kitchen appliances. More precisely, it refers to products of great utility in the world of gastronomy. However, it also has a line of refrigerators that are characterized by their sophistication and modern optimization.

Aside from mixers, KitchenAid has products like toasters, food processors, juicers, coffee makers, and blenders. There is also talk of hand mixers and stick mixers. They are highly efficient products that simplify kitchen tasks.

The essence of these teams is precisely in the optimization of their engines. The equipment developed by KitchenAid is not only characterized by having high-powered motors, but also generates very few noise levels.

These equipments have an excellent design, made of metallic materials, which favors their long useful life. With the exception of refrigerators and some very modern coffee makers, technologies such as mixers and toasters do not usually have optimized LED lighting systems.

His approach has to do with more discreet indicators, since everything is simplified by pressing the activation and cancellation buttons of the requested activity. Thanks to their design and elegance, the usefulness of these products extends over years of excellent service.

Behind every product developed by KitchenAid there is strong work on the way in which food will be processed and the final destination that it will have before being consumed. So they are products that have a very gastronomic technological nuance.

KitchenAid Brand Product Repair

Repairing KitchenAid appliances requires an understanding of the extent of damage each piece of equipment faces. And it is because for a team of this brand to be in poor condition, it is because it has had a serious problem, derived from misuse, or an unusual technical failure.

However, it is common for these equipments to suffer certain damages when they are used with a voltage too high than the recommended one. KitchenAid Product Support focuses primarily on the efficiency of the internal motor of each mixer or food processor.

This damage generally occurs when the performance of the engine is abused. For example, it usually happens that a mixer is given an exaggerated use of time, performing the activity of whisking too hard food. This impacts engine warm-up and performance.

What happens is that considering the size of the equipment developed by KitchenAid, the maintenance is focused on quite small but efficient motors. In any case, these motors can receive adequate maintenance so that their performance is the same as that offered when leaving the factory.

For more efficient equipment such as fridges or coffeemakers, the focus of the arrangement has to do with LED light indicator panels. In the fridges it is very common that there is a mismatch in relation to the temperature performance and the gas performance generated by the cold.


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