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Founded in 1892, Kodak is today one of the largest multinationals in the world. The company’s great success was found in its innovation in the world of photography, as it was the first company on the planet to introduce the concept of the slide paper reel.

Until then, the cameras of the time, worked with large plates. The arrival of the Kodak reel greatly simplified the job. As the years passed the reel was refined, which in turn helped the history of photography in the field regarding the revelation of these.

However, this commercial success is underpinning all the experience the company had in the field of camera optimization. The invention of the negative reel only catapulted all the optimization and development that this company in the United States had already represented.

Today, the company is characterized not only by the graphic quality that can be expected from the images captured by its equipment, but also by marketing other products such as printers, batteries, electronic product plugs and even smartphones.

The creator of the company is Mr. George Eastman, who in company with businessman Henry Strong, decided to bring the business of marketing cameras to life.

The efficiency of Kodak products

The universe of Kodak products is characterized by high-level optimization. It must be started that with the innovation produced by the introduction of the slide reel in the history of photography, the company earned billions of dollars that allowed it to take advantage in this industry.

The company managed to position itself thanks to the optical quality of its lenses, as well as the work done in the zoom of the cameras and the assistance of the flashes. To this was added the reference to the capture speed exerted between the shutter button and the instant. Thanks to this efficiency, Kodak came to strongly influence the film industry in the United States.

Kodak was primarily focused on the ability of cameras to capture per second. Thus, the video cameras that would begin to develop decades later, would be characterized by having an excellent frame rate per second. Thanks to this, it became a strong competitor for companies such as Nikon, Canon and Pentax, among others.

It should be noted that the quality and optimization of the company in the current era is intensely projected in the megapixel quality of the cameras, the zoom system to obtain perfect images, the management screens that include photographic products, as well as in the accessories that facilitate the work of the professional in the world of photography.

The company also has a strong focus on the development of printing machines. They are high quality printers, where all the knowledge obtained through their lines of photography research is integrated.

Repair of Kodak brand products

Kodak branded products require professional, detail-focused technical service. When a camera from this company needs maintenance or repair, it is urgent to thoroughly analyze the problem, based on all the photographic and optical know-how.

Only then is it possible to make decisions that really restore the quality of the product, instead of deteriorating it. And it is that in a matter of fix, a small failure at the time of disassembly and future installation, can completely damage the performance of the product.

It does not matter if it is a camera or a printer, it is always necessary that the technical service be thorough to understand the magnitude of the damage that the equipment is facing. Only in this way can a repair be carried out that allows the product to maintain its useful life and continue offering its high quality.

If you want your Kodak brand products to receive professional attention, then do not hesitate to contract our services. We are a company that has a great performance in the photographic technologies sector and our experts have been repairing equipment of this brand for years.

We guarantee an efficient service that will allow you to continue enjoying your product, just as if it had just left the factory.


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