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Lenovo is a manufacturer of electronic technology products of Chinese origin. The company was established in the year of 1984. Its official headquarters is located in Beijing, China. The name Lenovo is a fusion of Le (which translates legend) and Novo (new). So in these terms, the corporate name of the company means “New Legend.”

Lenovo is currently a company that focuses on the production of technologies such as smartphones, computers and tablets, among other products. The company’s success has been so powerful that over the decades, it has absorbed a large number of companies. Thus, it has managed to position itself as one of the most important technology manufacturers on the planet.

For example, among its most valuable acquisitions is the integration of the company IBM in 2005. This purchase allowed the company to become the world’s largest manufacturer of computers. In fact, for a time, that first place was disputed with a manufacturer as recognized as the HP brand.

Another of the company’s acquisitions was the Fujitsu company; This purchase occurred in 2017 and ended up positioning Lenovo as one of the best developers in computer technology. It does not generate much amazement to recognize that the company’s motto is “Innovation never stops”.

Lenovo is also an official sponsor of the Inter Milan European soccer team. Its net global income is currently estimated to exceed $ 43 trillion per year.

The efficiency of Lenovo products

Lenovo brand computers are characterized by being very versatile. What does this mean? That the products are optimized to adapt to any type of platform and operating system. The only exception is smartphones and tablets, which are already optimized for the Android operating system.

But in the line of products such as laptops and desktops, the user can choose between optimizing the computer with Windows or Linux operating system. In this way, computers have great flexibility to allow the user to make configurations that contribute to their office tasks.

It should be noted on the one hand that Lenovo, being the owner of the Motorola Mobility company, has made great progress in the development of mobile phones. So all the progress made through Motorola is largely projected on their modern equipment.

Lenovo brand mobile devices are characterized by having an excellent digital camera, equipped with motion sensors and facial recognition to take high-quality captures. To this is added its storage capacity and a type of RAM that guarantees a better work with applications.

All the innovation that Lenovo makes through its computer tools, in terms of hardware and software, is replicated in all its products. In this sense, the company’s research and development department has a very solid basis to ensure that Lenovo-branded equipment is characterized by high speed and excellent processors, among other components.

Repair of Lenovo brand products

Regarding repair and maintenance of products Levono brand, the smart will always go to professional hands. And the optimization that has this brand requires a very thorough job, which should be studied thoroughly the integrity of the product and each of its components.

Remove and install a product demands very serious work where a bad decision can ruin an entire laptop, smartphone or tablet, among other products developed by this company. So when making an array of these products, it makes sense to turn to experts.

In this sense, our company can provide you with the best professional coverage so that your equipment achieves high performance after repair. We strive that each product receives an in-depth analysis of the causes and symptoms of equipment damage, in order to make wise decisions regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of this brand’s products.

Count on us and our efforts to offer a professional service, so that your Lenovo brand equipment continues to offer its efficiency, just as if they had just left the same factory of this company.


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