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Maytag is an electrical appliance company that was born in the year 1893. Its founder was Mr. Frederick Maytag. At that time, the company was born with the vision of developing washing machines. And for a long time, they were the best quality benchmark in the entire country of the United States.

So much so that when the crisis period of 1930 arrived in the United States, the company was able to adequately assume this period to remain stable and continue with its projects. The company began some time later to venture into the development of other technologies.

This is how its corporate stock was expanded. Today, the brand has a range of fridges, stoves, dryers and dishwashers. They are more than everything, products focused on the kitchen and the home. Products such as air conditioners or microwave ovens are out of its corporate offer.

The Maytag brand was acquired in 2006 by the Whirlpool corporate giant. Despite this, it continues to operate in the national and international market with its same name. The company is highly committed to research and innovation of its products.

The official headquarters of the company is located in Newton, Iowa, United States. But since it is an internationally renowned company, Maytag has offices in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, among others.

In the American market, Maytag products are considered the most respected in their sector. Much of that respect stems from its long history throughout 126 years of service as an appliance company.

The efficiency of Maytag products
The Maytag brand has equipment that is very robust and very well optimized. After years of work and the experience gained through its generations of washing machines, the company has high-tech washing machines on the market, which operate with high-performance motors and moderate noise levels.

The same is true of their line of tumble dryers, which are getting smarter and easier to use. They are products that have management panels with LED technology and intuitive button systems, allowing them to take advantage of all the performance they have to offer.

In terms of refrigerators, these are characterized by having an excellent thermal system. Their cooling zone is usually non-frost and they have excellent lighting, as well as a very intelligent temperature moderator. Its internal spaces have been designed for modern families.

Other products that Maytag has to offer are dishwashers, which are characterized by being very effective in removing dirt. In addition, they are products that have easy maintenance, thus favoring the useful life of these products.

The stoves, meanwhile, are becoming more modern and optimized to reflect a great sense of luxury. In this way, it is certified that Maytag products, in addition to having great functionality, can give a fantastic air to homes, given the beauty of their equipment.

Repair of Maytag brand products

In terms of service, maintenance and repair, Maytag products require serious professional hands. And it is precisely because of the efficiency of their teams, you have to know how to identify their problems and solve them intelligently so that they do not happen again.

It is very common for your washing machines to face problems such as inadequate movements during washing, which leads to noise generation and a serious impact on the motor itself. So when optimizing you have to verify that the engine is running within the correct terms.

Dryers, meanwhile, need maintenance to remove traces of dirt and moisture that the product acquires. Moisture can be a reason for the accumulation of bacteria that will later be reflected in the garments themselves.

Regarding your refrigerators, it is important to consider how the gas is complying with the refrigeration process. The refrigerators also have their lighting system verified. In this aspect there is a lot of technical service and the arrangement that can be provided.

In the case of stoves, it is urgent to work in the type of heat that this equipment can provide. Something that is very important in the most modern equipment, those where luxury and beauty come into play without detracting from its functional part.

All of these are some of the key aspects of Maytag brand technology repair.


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