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The German appliance company Miele has a history that dates back to 1899. It is a family business that started by developing cream separators, washers and butters. A company founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann.

Today, the company is focused on the commercialization of high-level household appliances. Although to achieve this, the company had a long history that even allowed it to work with the German military forces. During World War II, he was in charge of the production of Kriegsmarine control units.

But decades before that, the company took over producing the first electric dishwasher in all of Europe. And for the 1930s, he was working on creating motorcycles. This whole approach would be used years later when it focused on the production of household appliances.

Currently the Miele company has a presence in 47 countries around the world. Its marketing of products in the United States began around 1983, when it established its first corporate headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. However, home appliance production centers are located in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania.

From the point of view, the company Miele is considered one of the best in the sector of home appliance technology. It is presented as a company that produces high-level appliances, which are usually integrated in restaurants, but also in homes.

The efficiency of Miele products

The Miele company produces household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. They are products that apart from their great quality are characterized by having an excellent beauty and presentation. Elegance is remarkable from the outside.

But, beyond elegance, what shines about these products is their high-quality performance. In the case of ovens, there is talk of very well optimized appliances, so that their thermal system offers stable temperatures. In addition, they are products that can be easily maintained and cleaned, although sometimes they need expert hands.

This optimization is the same one that can be observed in the work that the stoves offer. Thanks to its solid heating systems, it is possible that in the gastronomic world dishes are made as soon as possible, while the heat provided by the equipment is easily regulated.

In other products like washing machines and dishwashers, what shines is an engine optimized to do a pretty strenuous and efficient job while generating a fairly low noise level. These engines have been developed through years of research, design and development. This guarantees that the appliance will be really useful and will offer a quality service.

The same efficiency as the motors can also be observed in other products such as vacuum cleaners and dryers. Miele’s commitment is clear: to create high-end products that can make household life more flexible, and for this it has the best sophistication and innovation.

Repair of Miele brand products

When it comes to talking about repair and maintenance of Miele products, it should be noted first of all that the percentage of damage that these equipment have is very low. The arrangement of washing machines, ovens or vacuum cleaners is a phenomenon that does not occur very often.

However, it is not guaranteed that having a Miele product, this appliance is not harmless. But when they do occur, the repair and maintenance process requires an in-depth study of the conditions that led to the problem.

Establishing a successful solution also involves taking the appropriate time to know for sure how to make the arrangement. Because, as these are high-end products, a bad repair is likely to cause additional damage to system performance.

Generally, the damages that occur in a Miele brand product are derived from misuse by users. Even in haute cuisine restaurants that work with professionals who know how to use equipment such as ovens and dishwashers intelligently, technical failures arise due to the same, as well as lack of maintenance and hygiene.

A good measure to avoid these technical failures is to go to our technical service to perform proper maintenance and subsequent installation of the product. Whether vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, among others, the work of arrangement is a serious process that must be left to professional hands.


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