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Motorola, as an independent company, was dissolved in 2011. But that does not mean that it has ceased to exist. What happened was that for corporate reasons it changed owners. In fact, in the first place, the company was subdivided into two.

In this division, he brought Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions to life. The first company continues to focus to this day on the development of mobile and telephone technologies. While the second decided to work in the field of servers and cloud solutions.

The company’s recent history is somewhat similar to HP’s corporate transformation. The latter continues to develop computers and other electronic technologies, while it has another subdivision focused on cloud services and web pages, among others.

The case with Motorola is that it is one of the largest mobile phone products in the world. At the time, it was acquired by the great corporate giant Google. And years later, it was precisely the Lenovo company that acquired its rights. So Motorola Mobility continues to manufacture its products, but under the endorsement of this company and its corporate management.

Motorola’s real history as a company dates back to 1928. Initially, the company focused on developing radios. But years later, more precisely for the 1960s, it made the leap to telephony technologies. Today, it is one of the most respected firms in its sector.

The efficiency of Motorola products

The efficiency of Motorola products can be traced through its history in the cell phone market. The innovation and sophistication of its products marked a great milestone during the first decade of the year 2000 and it still continues to offer high-quality products.

Throughout its years in this sector, the company has offered various solutions, where the optimization of its products is strengthened by research and development. Its research department has a very strong commitment to the production of original and excellent performance phones.

For example, this is notable in the design of smartphones equipped with high-level cameras. The megapixel capacity of cameras shows that they are very well-robust products in terms of technology, allowing the user to capture high-quality images.

Other functionalities of mobile phones, such as the storage system, the gyroscope, the radio connectivity, the wifi system or the performance of the navigation data, also reveal all the serious approach that the company has when it comes to of creating mobile phones.

In addition to this, the graphic quality of the screens is another reason for envy in the digital sector. In fact, one of the most interesting innovations of the company, has to do with the resistance of the phones to falls. They are screens that rarely manage to fragment.

All this, backed by a renowned operating system, such as Android.

Repair of Motorola brand products

Regarding the repair and technical service of Motorola products, it should be noted first of all that these equipment require meticulous maintenance. The teams need an optimization where attention and recognition of the problem are key.

Once it has been possible to identify the level of damage that the equipment faces, it is possible to make decisions that actually achieve the repair of the mobile phone, without affecting the entire system. In other words, the technical service that these teams must face is quite demanding.

Therefore, only professional hands with experience in the repair of mobile devices can be held responsible for such repair. If you have Motorola brand equipment with damage or system failure, one of the best decisions is to have our professional experience in the repair, maintenance, disassembly and installation of mobile phones.

You can count on all our support so that your mobile phones maintain the efficiency for which they were developed. We guarantee that the repair will allow you to continue enjoying the useful life of your phone in the long term.


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