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The Nikon company was born in the year 1917. Today it is a corporate giant recognized globally for its technologies in the photographic world. The company not only develops products such as cameras, but also has a strong focus on microscopes, binoculars, and telescopes, among others.

It is considered one of the most important Japanese companies in the photographic industry. Its success has been based on the optimization of lenses and capture technologies, thus allowing the images captured by its equipment to be of the highest quality. The company has an international recognition that has allowed it to win various awards.

Nikon represents a company that has had to fight hard against various problems in order to stay on the market. For example, when the Second World War happened, the company then had 19 industrial factories and a total of 23,000 employees. After this war, the company only had a single factory and barely had 1,4000 employees.

The word Nikon refers to Nippon Kōgaku which translates “Japanese Optics”, while Ikon pays tribute to the Zeiss company, a German company expert in the production of lenses. Since its foundation, Nikon has been known for creating professional products, but also for amateur photographers.

Throughout its history, the company has created various patents and optimized its equipment to enter to compete against corporate giants such as Sony, Lumix, Canon, among others.

The efficiency of Nikona products

For the Nikon company, research and development is essential. Behind every camera created by Nikon, there are years of analysis and design. It is a tradition that has been maintained since the creation of its first cameras. Thanks to this, the quality of its products is quite desirable.

Managing to stay in the market for optical technologies has required him to optimize key aspects such as the zoom of the equipment, the quality of the lenses, the shutter systems and the structure of the device in question. With the digital revolution that began to take shape from the end of the 1990s, the company had new challenges to face.

It was there that his focus remained very serious regarding the megapixel quality of the cameras, the transfer of files captured by the cameras and the flash systems to provide better lighting for each of the photos. This digital optimization has also been very marked in the production of telescopes, binoculars and microscopes.

Today, Nikon teams are supported by the use of management displays and data transfer systems. They are computers that have excellent synchronization with technologies such as computers and mobile devices. Thanks to this, the company has generated a great contribution in the history of modern photography.

In short, the efficiency of Nikon products is strongly reflected in the optimization of its products, the quality of which guarantees fascinating imaging results. In addition, they are equipment developed to maintain an excellent useful life.

Repair of Nikon brand products

When it comes to service, maintenance, installation and repair of Nikon brand products, it is always important to entrust these equipment to professional hands. Working with cameras, for example, requires great care with the quality of the lenses. Cleaning and fixing a lens requires treating the equipment as if it were the jewel in a crown.

Because a bad manipulation of your lenses could generate imperfections on the surface of the lens that would be reflected in the images. In addition to this, it is very important to work on the zoom system, which is its own and unique technology, completely different from that developed by companies such as Canon or Pentax, among others.

The same work exists in terms of maintenance and repair applies to other products such as microscopes and telescopes, in addition to binoculars. It is important to know how to entrust these products to professionals like us so that the result is optimal, while guaranteeing their long useful life.

If you need support in the repair and technical service of your Nikon products, count on all our experience and professional talent. This way, you can get the same quality of service for your products, as if they had just left the same Nikon factory.


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