Olympus Repair and Technical Service

The Olypums company was established in the year 1919. Its main headquarters are located today, in the city of Tokyo, in Japan. However, when it comes to the company’s European offices, these are located in Hamburg, Germany. Likewise, it has a headquarters in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

This company was born with the mission of creating high quality photographic products. Its name, as can be deduced, refers to Mount Olympus, which according to Greek mythology is the home where the gods of this tradition live. At the moment, this company is owned by the multinational Sony.

As a company, one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever had is competing with corporate giants like Nikon and Canon. In this sense, the company has had great challenges to face, creating its own patents to be able to measure up to these companies. For example, the company has worked with the OM system and TTL technology.

The OM system represents an optimization that was well respected during the 1970s by professional photographers. Starting in 2001, the company began to work in a very committed way in the production of high-level megapixel cameras. Thus, it was one of the first companies to achieve 4 megapixel optimization.

The efficiency of Olympus products

Olympus’ work on photographic products is structured around research and development. The company invests billions of dollars annually in research and development that is reflected in the quality of its products and the sensible price they represent in the market.

Olympus is a company that mainly works on a strong optimization of the megapixels of the cameras. Development experts are aware that the success of a photographic image depends on the full potential that is projected through this functionality. However, they do not rule out other important aspects.

These aspects are those that have to do with the quality of the zoom, the photographic flash and the way in which the lens can capture colors. Behind an Olympus camera, you can expect very fantastic performance, allowing photographers, professionals or amateurs, to obtain high-quality images.

In addition to this, as represented by modern cameras, the company also allows its cameras to have management displays. In this way, they give the photographer the opportunity to study to what extent an image has been well captured and deserves to be archived.

And precisely for the same reason, the management system has been developed with great care. Thus, a wide but very specific universe of options is provided, so that the photographer can fully enjoy the potential that this equipment has.

With all this optimization, the company has managed to become a benchmark for quality in the photography market. So it is on par with other companies like Canon and Nikon.

Repair of Olympus brand products

The repair and maintenance of Olympus cameras represents a very delicate job. You have to understand the entire universe that a camera represents to know how to correctly configure its performance, without losing its quality. Therefore, in terms of technical service, it is important to trust these products in professional hands.

Maintenance of an Olympus camera always requires disassembling the entire product in order to recognize how all the components are working and what damage the equipment is facing. After studying a solution and proceeding to finalize it, we work on a detailed installation.

Practically, working with Olympus cameras represents working with a whole puzzle, where each piece must go in its place. Achieving the maintenance of the lens, the shutter, the memory system, the management screen, is hard work, which only people dedicated to photographic technologies can adequately complete.

So if you need professional support for the repair, maintenance and installation of your Olympus brand cameras, do not hesitate to hire us. We have the best talent and the best experience to ensure that your equipment maintains its quality and prolongs its useful life.


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