Pentax Repair and Technical Service

The Pentax company was born in the year 1919. Today it is a renowned multinational, whose products are highly sought after by professional photographers. The company’s strong focus is on the production of photographic cameras, but it also works in the optics sector, creating lenses for equipment such as telescopes, binoculars and microscopes.

Pentax manages a fairly wide and diverse catalog, offering photography experts the best tools so that they can capture images of the highest quality. That has always been the focus, always concentrating on creating unique products, capable of competing in such an aggressive market where giants such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus are found.

For the year 2008, the company managed to merge with Hoya Corporation, which completely catapulted its entire line of research and development. The official name of this company is Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. and another reason why it is recognized globally is for being the first company to create a pentaprism, which contributed significantly to autofocus technology.

One of the most important data that contributed to empowering the company, occurred during the Second World War. Since for the development of military machinery, the Japanese government had to resort to this company as a large supplier of optical products. This requirement forced them to work hard to satisfy a fairly optimized market.

The efficiency of Pentax products

However, once the Second World War ended, the company collapsed, due to the economic crisis that Japan had to face. But the company would manage to stay thanks to Asahi Optical, a company that focused on the production of binoculars, as well as cameras for other companies that manufacture this technology.

In this way, the company was saved, working with enthusiasm regarding products for the world of photography. Thanks to its passion for research, the company has made its cameras shine for the quality of the zoom, the precision of the lenses and the intensity of the color of each image.

At the time when cameras operated on slides, the company had developed highly efficient products so that the relationship between shutter and image was perfect. In fact, it was one of the first companies to work on capturing images with unique precision.

Thus, the ghost effect that is usually generated when a person is photography when running is avoided, leaving a trail behind him. Later, when the digital revolution came, the Pentax company focused on creating cameras equipped with the best megapixel capacity, as well as the development of technologies such as face recognition and screens to observe the result of each image.

The truth is that Pentax, as well as having a strong commitment in the development of cameras, does not neglect the field of other products such as binoculars and products for medical use. In this sense, it assumes the same responsibility through serious lines of research.

Repair of Pentax brand products

When it comes to repair and service, Pentax products require professional attention. It is not easy to carry out the optimization of these technologies, because each camera is a universe that must be explored. A maintenance and installation technician must have training in the field of photographic and lens optics to make smart decisions.

So if you have a damaged Pentax brand product, be it binoculars or a camera, as well as the accessories that come into play with these products, it is best to entrust the repair of damage to experts in this field. Professional talent is required to optimize the performance of these products.

At our company, we take care of giving full coverage to the products developed by Pentax. If you want guaranteed quality service, then you can count on our expert repair and maintenance staff in this field of photography and lens optics.

In this way, your product will continue to offer the excellent performance that it must carry out, just as it had been doing after leaving the factory of this company.


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