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Samsung is recognized as one of the largest appliance and technology companies on the planet. The company started its commercial activity in 1938, thanks to businessman Lee Byung-chul. At that time, the company focused on the import and export of products.

Later, he made the leap to developing technology products and appliances. Initially, he worked on the development of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. Over time, its products began to have an impact on the computer and digital market.

That is why the company currently markets from smartphones to tablets, laptops and smartTVs, among others. In terms of technology, it has a research and development team that focuses on creating original products with exclusive patents.

In the Asian market, Samsung is one of the most nourishing South Korea’s national economies. Therefore, it represents around 17% of the GDP of this country. This demonstrates its corporate scope and the impact it makes globally with its technologies.

The company, whose official headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea, has branches located across the globe. In addition to working in the household appliances and computer technology sector, he also works in sectors such as industrial machinery, civil construction and biotechnology, among others.

The efficiency of Samsung products

As a company, Samsung is characterized by having highly efficient equipment. In terms of household appliances, their products are in high demand, due to the guarantee and efficiency of these products. Washing machines and refrigerators are currently the most desired.
Only in terms of refrigerators, it is known that it has equipment optimized to be compatible with mobile devices. In this field, the company develops nevecones equipped with glass doors that allow you to see the inside of the fridge without having to open it.

The washing machines meanwhile, are characterized by making an intelligent consumption of electrical energy, while having a complete washing system, capable of eliminating any trace of society. Dryers meanwhile take care to ensure that clothing is completely clean and free from bacteria.

The air conditioners, microwave ovens, stoves and vacuum cleaners, among other products, have a very interesting efficiency. They are high-performance equipment that makes daily tasks more flexible, allowing housework to be completed in the shortest possible time, in order to grant the user a better lifestyle.

Other products marketed by the company such as SmartTVs and smartphones demonstrate the full technological potential of the company. Smartphones are the products in which the company is investing the most, in order to become a leader in the digital market. They are teams with the best optimization and performance.

Repair of Samsung brand products

In terms of technical service and repair of Samsung brand products, you must know how to choose the professionals who will take care of this work. And is that the optimization and technology that Samsung represents through its equipment is really advanced. You have to be tactful when identifying damage and decide to repair it.

The most delicate scenario in terms of maintenance and repair of Samsung brand products has to do with computer products. For example, it is necessary to know how to work with each of the components that are integrated into a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Generally, these computers exhibit damage such as screen fragmentation, poor battery performance, or slow performance of the computer in its activities. The arrangement of these aspects requires a lot of attention, so that an impact that ends up affecting the functionality of the equipment is not generated.

As for the repair and maintenance of Samsung refrigerators, the most common problems they usually face are water filtration, the generation of a lot of noise and the poor performance of the gas in charge of cooling. This last problem is also the most common in the air conditioners developed by this brand.

Other Samsung products, such as washing machines or microwave ovens, work on the motor arrangement to provide the perfect power to do your job.

All of these are some of the aspects in which Samsung brand equipment always works to offer quality performance, capable of making users’ lives more flexible.


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