Trane Repair and Technical Service

The Trane brand electronics products company is considered one of the best in the United States market. The corporate offer of this brand focuses on the production of heating equipment, as well as air conditioning and ventilation.

The corporate offer is focused on both residential areas and companies. The entities that most come to their service are the companies that work with offices, hotels, banks and restaurants, among others. Currently, it has about 29,000 employees.

Its brand has 104 production sites located in 28 countries. It is estimated that annually the company manages to obtain a figure of $ 8 billion dollars. For the past few years, Trane has been working hard on projects related to renewable energy and energy conservation.

The history of this company dates back to 1885, with James Trane as its founder. This man of Swedish origin, originally had a plumbing and plumbing shop. But then, he designed a pressure-based heating system under steam. And so, he got his first product to market.

Years later, in 1923, Reuben Trane (his son) would create a convector radiator that allowed the company to innovate in other products. The first air conditioning developed by the company would come to life in 1931.

The efficiency of Trane products

To become a benchmark for quality, the Trane company has worked for many years on optimizing its equipment. It has been a company characterized by innovation, which has been the result of its research and development department. Its line of work has always been characterized by offering high-end products and performing adequate energy consumption.

As previously noted, Trane brand products stand out for offering performance intended for large spaces. It is the type of product that allows you to cool or heat areas with a large volume of air. And for this, they are equipment that requires proper installation and maintenance.

Trane coolers are very useful in the food industry, as well as in research laboratories. The offices are, by the others, the scenarios where the efficiency of their refrigeration systems come to play a leading role. Thus, they help to consolidate the work environment.

Another important aspect of the use of Trane equipment has been reflected in what computer technologies represent. Many of its refrigeration equipment contributes to the good performance of server rooms and high-level IT equipment.

Repair of Trane brand products

As an electronics product, Trane equipment requires frequent technical service and maintenance. It is necessary to optimize your system so that the performance of the heaters or air conditioners maintain their efficiency for long years, as Trane guarantees.

The maintenance service usually has to do with the aspect of cleaning the filters, which usually accumulate dust. This arrangement of the filters is very important, as it prevents air conditioners from becoming a cause of respiratory infections in offices and conference rooms.

In the case of heating equipment, the matter is completely different, since the same temperature of the equipment usually destroys bacteria and pests; Even so, one of the most frequent problems has to do with the excess heat that they produce or with a poor performance in the graduation of the intensity of the service.

In the case of air conditioners, the most common problem has to do with the cooling process that manages to exert the pressurized gas on the system. Repairing this equipment requires a thorough analysis of the problem before taking action on exactly what to optimize.

However, the technical service of these electronic products usually has a main problem. This is: the one related to the thermostat system. If the thermostat is damaged, naturally the performance of the equipment will not be balanced. It will be prone to generate more cold or heat; or, not to offer the desired temperature.

It is important that the repair and maintenance of Trane products is always carried out by professionals. And in that sense you can count on our talent and experience so that the teams you have in your company or residential area, maintain their efficiency at all times. In addition, we guarantee a service that will prolong its useful life.


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