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The Viking Range company was born in the year of 1987. The company was born with the focus of offering household appliances for the kitchen in the United States. Today it has a corporate offer that is present in various countries around the world. The founder of this company was Mr. Fred Carl, Jr. The products with which this businessman conquered the market were mainly refrigeration, ventilation and kitchen cleaning products. The current headquarters of this company is located in Greenwood, Mississippi

In the year of 2013, the company was acquired by Middleby Corporation, after paying a figure of $ 380 million dollars. The Viking Range company continues to operate today with the same management and same focus on developing household products, only it now has this corporate giant, Viking Range Corporation has made a strong commitment to ensuring that its products perform excellently and can deliver Long service life, as well as being safe equipment.They are products that have been developed with strong research and design, as well as being tested so that their usefulness is always effective.

Viking Range products are often deployed both in professional kitchens in large restaurants, as well as in homes. The first demonstrates the professional quality with which these appliances have been optimized. And second, the adaptability of its corporate offer to all areas of its clients.

The efficiency of Viking Range products

Behind each of the appliances developed by Viking Range, there is a very solid optimization and study process. The creators of microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and wine coolers, among others, focus on creating a product that has a long utility and that serves to make life in homes more flexible.

Therefore, the essence of these products is found in a type of motor that regulates the intensity of its service. They are engines that have a management system that is usually interpreted from an LED light screen, or through other indicators. In this way, the user can make intelligent use of the service, without abusing its performance.

Precisely what most strengthens the performance of viking products is that their engines have been subjected to limit tests to verify their resistance potential. After that, the motor is set up the regulation system so that the user can moderate its performance.

It should be borne in mind that the main goal of refrigerators, microwaves and other similar products is the adequate preservation of food according to a range of temperatures. So in that regard, Viking Range works with the best thermal gauges to prevent engines from producing too high or low temperatures.

The efficiency of the systems with which the appliances operate is more than certified so that the lifestyle of the homes and the work carried out in the restaurants is of high quality.

Repair of Viking Range brand products

In terms of service, Vking Range products require more maintenance than damage repair. This is due to all the great performance that the products of the stock of this company have. Thanks to their good performance and their prior development study, the company can guarantee that they will offer a great service to customers.

Most of all, they go to the installation of what their product line is and it is monitored with some frequency that the refrigerators are offering their ideal performance, in important sectors such as the world of haute cuisine and chain restaurants, among others.

Sometimes what usually happens is that the damage done to some of your electronic products derives from a bad manipulation or the ignorance on the part of the users of certain key guidelines that favor its useful life. They are technical errors that will require a methodical and meticulous arrangement.

Despite all this, it is normal that Viking Range brand appliances are at risk of damage. It is a very natural thing in all electronic equipment. In this case, our technical service focuses on studying in depth the nature of the problem, identifying the causes and tackling the repair.


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