Camera repair (photo and video)

As a technical service company in technology repair, we have a long history that has allowed us to work in the sector, offering quality results. Throughout our management in the sector, we have been able to strengthen our experience in camera repair.

Thanks to our management, we have been able to provide a service that allows cameras and video equipment to continue providing an excellent service. We have not only professional talents who know in depth what these technologies mean, but we also have all the resources to work.

And is that to offer good coverage to photographic equipment and videos, you must have the best resources, among which are usually the lenses, storage memories, shutter parts, among others. We are specialized in the repair of all types of cameras and video cameras.

As the company in charge of the repair and maintenance of these equipments, we can give you the guarantee that we will carry out an efficient work that prolongs the useful life of these technologies and allows them to continue offering high quality performance.

The most common camera failures

When it comes to talking about the most common faults that need to be repaired in photographic and / or video cameras, this is generally the appearance of the lenses. Occasionally, lenses can become fragmented, or opaque due to atmospheric phenomena. Filtration of water or steam can damage the lens.

So it is necessary to disassemble the entire structure of the camera before proceeding to install a new lens. In this sense, it is necessary to know how to identify what type of lens it is and how to integrate it appropriately throughout the system. On the lenses it is necessary to add, in addition, its relation with the way in which they filter the light and allow it to be reflected in the space that the image replicates.

Regarding the shutter and the way the light filters, the closed and open system must be considered. It is a technological resource that is in almost the majority of the cameras and that is activated when the shutter is pressed. Other crucial aspects have to do with the zoom system.

The storage system and flash performance are also considered other aspects that are usually damaged. They are problems that need an immediate repair process, since in case of delaying the arrangement, this can have an impact on all the functionality of the camera.

You have our support

Our work in the sector of technical service and repair of photographic cameras is quite recognized. And it is that we not only limit ourselves to offering this service for cameras commonly used in families, but we also provide coverage for professional cameras.

Precisely for the same reason, our service is endorsed by professional photographers who certify the transparency of our service and the level of optimization that we can project in these teams. So if you need support in the repair of your cameras and / or videos, do not hesitate to contact us.

No matter what your problem is, we are ready to solve it as soon as possible. What are you waiting for to come to our professional service so that your camera continues to offer its high quality service?



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