Computer repair (pc & imac)

Our company has a long history in the repair and maintenance of computers. Throughout our years of work in this sector, we have worked with different brands of computers, which has allowed us to have a complete work experience.

With our expert staff in optimizing and repairing computers, it doesn’t matter if it is a desktop PC, an Imac or an All-in-one category computer, thanks to our work, we can guarantee that the performance will be optimal and guaranteed , extending its useful life.

Whether it is a damage to the hardware or software system, we have experts in the repair of these electronic products who can fully visualize the problem facing your equipment. Thus, we can carry out quality repairs, benefiting the pocket of our clients.

Thanks to our management, the maintenance, dismantling and installation of this equipment, it is completed quickly. We take care of looking at all the problems the team faces and monitor that technical flaws can be corrected in time, before unleashing much more complex problems.

The most common computer failures

In the computer universe, there is much to be corrected and worked on. The repair of a MAC computer is very different from the one that can be carried out on a Lenovo, Dell or HP brand equipment. You have to study thoroughly what the problem is taking into account the type of manufacturer.

Although generally, the most casual problems faced by computers have to do with technical problems in their operating system. Damage caused by viruses, malware or spyware are the most common. It is a type of malicious software capable of altering files and causing much information to be lost.

Beyond this problem, there are also issues such as the performance of the processor and its relationship with other parts of the hardware such as RAM, storage space and the motherboard, without neglecting what the graphics card entails. Sometimes these components are often damaged by loading too heavy content.

It is the case of the load of video games that cannot be supported by the potential of the hardware that the computer has. In these cases, it is required to thoroughly assess the damage done to the motherboard and verify how an arrangement can be made that restores the usefulness of all the components.

Other problems, although today they are not so common, have to do with failures in electrical performance, which have managed to affect the hard drive. In addition, the activity of other aspects of the system such as its BIOS and the work offered by the power source that manages the flow of electrical energy also comes into play.

You have our support

If you have an Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Acer or other brand that exists in the market, do not hesitate to contract our services. We have a long history in the sector of repair, maintenance, disassembly and installation of this equipment. And we can guarantee you a high quality service.

It doesn’t matter what problem your team is facing. Thanks to our management, we can guarantee that your equipment will be restored to have the performance it deserves. We work with honesty and transparency, so that your computer maintains quality efficiency.



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