Printer Repair

(laser, inkjet, photocopiers)

As a company focused on printer repair, our work and experience is certified for years in the sector. We have been able to offer the best technical service in printer repair and maintenance, allowing this product to be very well optimized to collaborate in office tasks.
Our technical service, which expands to printers that can be inkjet or laser, as well as photocopiers, is responsible for ensuring that this product has an excellent printing process. And it is something that is not easy to achieve, when the printer has already suffered deterioration in its performance.
With our work, we guarantee that the disassembly, repair and installation of the printers allows each team to continue operating professionally. It is something that for us requires a great effort to study the problems faced by the entire system, when it comes to printing or copying content.
We have professional experts in the art of repairing these equipment.

The most common printer failures

The most common damages that printers usually face, have to do with their print heads. It is very common for these printheads to wear out, even from the same lack of use of the printer. Consequently, the computer begins to perform a type of printing in which it is noticeable that the image comes out with horizontal stripes.

Head repair requires a thorough maintenance process, forcing the team to clean the heads through the printer’s own software. Although sometimes additional manual work is usually necessary. In addition to this, other problems are related to ink distribution.

A good part of the problems of a printer have to do with its pad system. The pads usually wear out for various reasons, one of the main ones being the non-communication of the ink with its injection system. This is because the ink cartridge is full of air.

In these cases, it is necessary to use a special syringe to remove the air and allow the ink liquid to not be contaminated. In addition to this, it can happen that the pads cause damage to the printer algorithm, so you need maintenance on your software system, but not hardware.

Nowadays, it is very common that software is used to hack this problem, although it is recommended to use optimized software for it, like the one we use in our company.

You have our support

Our work in the repair of printers and photocopiers can guarantee you a perfect job. Thanks to our professional talents, your printer will be able to continue offering its efficient service and prolonging its useful life. If you perceive that your printing and / or photocopying equipment is suffering damage, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to our experience we will provide you with a personalized service. What are you waiting to say goodbye to the problems your printer faces and continue enjoying its optimal performance?



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