Videogame Console Repair
(xbox, play station 4 (ps4), nintendo)

The repair and maintenance of video game consoles represents one of our strengths as a company. Optimizing the performance of this electronics product requires working with great care and experience. This is the only way to guarantee that its useful life is optimal.

Over the years, our company has worked with all the various video game consoles that exist in the market. It is one of the most modern products in homes and they need excellent optimization so that they can offer the training they guarantee.

In the maintenance and damage repair sector faced by these equipment, we have a track record backed by a large number of customers satisfied with our service. Thanks to our professional work, we guarantee that these teams can continue offering their great service to homes.

The most common failures in videogames

Working with video game consoles also requires knowing what the digital universe of these products is. The expert in video game consoles, has to understand the relationship between the performance of the hard disk, the RAM and the video card, when executing a title to play.

Repairing a problem with a console requires understanding how the graphics card is working for all the performance of the operating system. This is a type of maintenance that requires complete disassembly of the equipment to independently verify the functionality of each component of the equipment.

The most common problem usually falls on the graphics card. But on other occasions it also has to do with the operating system of the video game console. They are generally problems derived from a poor management of the contents and the stock download system of the console store.

On the other hand, some consoles usually work with pirated software. Customers decide to bet on the hacking of their own consoles for profit, through companies that offer this service. In our case, this involves working directly with an optimization that restores system files.

In addition to the component of the hardware and software problem, it is quite common for video game consoles to receive damage due to the accumulation of dust and insects. In the case of PS4, for example, it is very common for them to suffer from damage derived from the cockroaches leaking into their system. Since the heat emitted by this equipment is usually desired by this type of insect.

You have our support

If you have a video game console that has suffered recent damage, count on our professional support to achieve an excellent repair and maintenance of your system. The performance of a video game console is as serious and delicate as that of a computer.

Therefore, if you need experts who can responsibly assume the problem your team is facing, do not hesitate to contact us to receive optimal technical service. We are experts in the repair, removal and installation of these products.

So count on our professional talent to receive guaranteed service.



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